: Escalade vs Infiniti QX56 Question

Lord Cadillac
01-17-07, 08:28 PM
Most already know that from 0-60, the Infiniti QX56 is fast for a full-size SUV. It's quicker than the performance version of the DTS.. At what point does the Escalade take over? In other words, would 40-80 go to the Escalade? Or what?

Thank you...

01-19-07, 06:12 PM
I loved the way my 'lade got those speeds .So quick so fast.I would't tell you an exact time for those speeds as I didn't use a chrono .I wish I had done that.Anyway , I think I feel like it was climbing up faster than my current '00 STS but I had the PCM reprogrammed by the dealer .
Back to your question, QX56 might beat Escalade but I wouldn't be upset for that .Because nothing gives and looks as same as Escalade and for a SUV ,Escalade has a good acceleration imho.
I would suggest you to consider another SUV Audi Q7 V12 if speed is vital. When it hit the market I am sure it's gonna be the fastest machine around .

01-21-07, 01:23 PM
Car & Driver had the Escalade at 6.7, 0-60, it took the Infinity 7.1.:thumbsup:

01-30-07, 04:17 AM
never raced one when I had the Lade.... But I did drive the qx and damn that thing is fast....

Lord Cadillac
01-30-07, 05:10 AM
I should have been more descriptive and mentioned that I was asking about the 02-06 Escalade.. The new Escalade is quicker to 60 than the QX56...

01-31-07, 04:49 PM
The Infinity is much quicker......to have its cheap interior fall apart!

02-01-07, 02:41 AM
QX has been a sales and manufacturing disappointment. Too bad, because its reasonably quick and full of features.

02-01-07, 10:22 AM
i just really dislike the looks and the interior. it loos to much like a tank

Lord Cadillac
02-01-07, 10:24 AM
I'm probably the minority but I love the "tank" look. I like tough looking trucks. The interior is extremely comfortable and luxurious.. I like the QX56 very much and I just don't see why anyone could dislike it...

02-02-07, 05:53 AM
I'm with you on the styling. I call it "Angry Robot".

The interior needs warmth. Compared to the new Escalade, LX470, and Range Rover, it feels like a clammy cave. What works for the Titan doesn't work so well in a luxury SUV.

02-04-07, 07:48 AM
I like tough looking trucks.

Me too, but that Transformer wannabe is just plain butt ugly!!!:histeric: