View Full Version : RWD STS transmission chuggle/vibration

01-17-07, 05:39 PM
I dunno what happened with my transmission but it's really annoying now....

i have a RWD STS (not AWD).... when driving at low speeds, the transmission shifts up until it reaches the fifth gear... then if i keep on low speed, it starts some vibration ... it feels like it's putting too much pressure on the fifth gear to accelerate and it's too heavy to accelerate on this low speed... i have to accelerate more in order to shift to the fourth gear and the vibration to go away...

Now i can never drive at low speed... it's always doing this vibration... i have to push to force it to down shift so that the vibration stops...

what do you think is wrong with it ?.... it was perfect a while ago... do you think the fix made for the STS4 should be applied here ?

01-17-07, 05:53 PM
Gotta love automatic transmissions. My Cadi does the same thing at times... but not all the time... I have had several american cars with auto trannys and all would do same thing at times. Upshifts trying to save fuel... then engine lugs, vibration etc... Would suggest a visit to the dealer... maybe able to adjust shifting of tranny.

Redline CTS-V
01-18-07, 07:17 AM
There's a TSB for a transmission chuggle... It sounds like you may be describing what the TSB is talking about... Might be worth it to have the dealer take a peak at it...

01-19-07, 06:38 PM

I dunno... I used to have american cars but none of them does this... well, it happens like once or twice, but the way the STS does is really annoying,,, no more enjoyment when driving... always lugs and vibrates.... feels like a an old diesel car

Redline CTS-V

Thanks a lot man,,, i was looking for that TSB specifically... i will take a copy of that and drive it to the dealer... thanks :)

01-24-07, 09:58 AM
I was having a similar problem where at low speeds it seemed it was shifting too often, making a noise, etc... at my last service I mentioned it for the technician to check, and the service writer said that this was a known problem and there was a reprogramming update to be performed. They did it and evverything seems to be fine now for the last two weeks that iIve had my STS back. So I'd ask your service department to check into it. It seems like all it took was a software update to fix it (like everything else in these computers we drive now).