: aftermarket subs and amp

01-17-07, 10:11 AM
i am wanting to put in an aftermarket sub and amp setup in my 2000 sls.
a few things that im not sure on what to do about them is. this has a factory sub in it and it sounds decent. but i want some more thump.
my questions are.
1. does the sub have an amp.
2. if so where is it located.
3. if i unhooked the sub and amp would it throw a code and have an irratating warning light on the dash.
4. after i unhook the sub and amp. could i just take the input wires that did goto the stock amp and run them to my aftermarket amp.

pretty much this whole thread is how can i hook it up without causing it to have an alert message show up on the dash everytime i start the car.

edit i am keeping the stock head unit also.

01-17-07, 10:37 AM
dude all subs need an independent amp in car audio less it is a powered sub in which case it still has an external amp from the head unit
every speaker in your car is powered by one major amp mounted in the trunk
if you d/c the sub you will have an amp code everythings tied into the computer, that should be obvious, however it will not display any message, just a logged code....
as for hooking it up, beaten to death do a search, itd be the same way to add a sub to the bose system...

01-17-07, 04:42 PM
i know how to hook a system up and i didnt know all the speakers in the car was run off one amp but if i unhooked the factory sub that it will throw a code but it wont show a message. then that is all i was worried about i planned on running another amp. i just wasnt for sure about the factory sub and the computer

also one more question by disconnecting the factory sub will it throw off the output of the other channels of the amp. im not sure how it is wired but buy unhooking the sub will it mess up the ohm load on anything else? and yes i am searching at the moment

01-17-07, 08:06 PM
it runs off an independent channel you shouldnt hurt anything
not trying to be harsh just stated how many a time and its alot better for one to search than be spoon fed lol

01-17-07, 08:11 PM

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01-17-07, 09:25 PM
i searched but whatever i search for is usually not what it brings up. i have found a few threads about it but its not really an in depth write up on it.

from the few threads i have found i seen some put another sub in the stock location. but im not sure what kind of output i could get from a free-air/infinant baffle style setup.

01-17-07, 10:01 PM
basically i think a free air image dynamic sub or kicker sub would be best,
you then need a new external amp, an amp wiring kit to power the amp, and rca low level adapter which brances off the rear sub wires and gives you a set of rcas to get your sound signal from for the amp

01-17-07, 10:15 PM
i have 2 alpine type r 10" subs that i took out of my std cab s10 when i somehow managed to fit 6 re 8's ported in it. i was thinking of putting the type r's in a ported box and putting back there with my hifonics bx1000d but not really sure how the hifonics would like an amped input signal

01-18-07, 10:00 PM
im gonna try running the amped input signal to my hifonics if it messes up i guess i will just have to buy 2 more new ones

01-18-07, 10:22 PM
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