: Am I screwed ?

01-16-07, 07:37 PM
well I was getting excited because My northstar is was going together quite well. I'm trying to put it back in this weekend, but when I went to put the timing cover back on I noticed it was different than the original. the original has the bottom edge cut off for what seems to be a mounting hole for the right engine mount. but the replacement block doesn't have this.

here is a pic of the replacement block cover


you can see the bottom edge is rounded at the corner. now here is a pic with me holding the original timing cover in front of the the replacement.

now do you see what i mean?

heres the mount that supposed to go there from the fsm

there are three other bolts that hold the mount in place I think I can put it on there with a little massaging of the timing cover but I'm thinking about the stress that would be put on the other bolts. I know the side mounts have the least amount of stress put on them But I don't know if I should trust this solution or not. any suggestions?

Cad tech
01-16-07, 08:32 PM
so You go a older block...looks like you into some customizing now...you should be alright with the other 3 bolts going in...not alot of pressure there mostly the pressure is on frt and rear mounts...what they did is try to center the engine more to get a smoother ride and shifting like the Aurora..i have a buddy that blew one in his 00 and we stuck a 97 block in it (after we boosted it up) same problem you have...used the 3 bolts then modified a 3.8 top mount to ease even more pressure on it....so not a problem ever with his and he drives it hard...