: can an escalade be made more quite?

01-15-07, 09:46 PM
looking at 07 esv, little noisey imo..........any thought s on making the exhaust quite ? ?

thanks !

01-15-07, 10:14 PM
You could possibly use a product like Dynamat on the floor of the vehicle and the doors. Not sure how much it would quiet it down though. You could try a different exhaust like the new Corsa Touring also.

01-16-07, 12:39 AM
First off, consider that the motor is a 405 HP fire breathing dragon. It's as quite as it's going to get. If you want quite, get an older model with a less potent motor or buy a different vehicle. With 405 horses under the hood it's going to make noise. If you change mufflers you will restrict the motor reducing the power and not get what you paid for. You can use Dynamat but you'll have to take apart the whole vehicle interior to properly install it. It is what it is, appreciate the elegance and the horses, and enjoy the whole package, demon motor and all.

01-16-07, 01:03 AM
It's difficult to appreciate elegance when your vehicle sounds like it's ready for NASCAR. ;) Some like it, that's fine... for them, there should be the Denali. I'd expect the Cadillac version of the Suburban to be a little more, as you say, elegant. Maybe I'm not part of this young and hip crowd GM is going for.

What's more, the base Escalade is in fact quieter. The dealer told me the extension of the pipe and positioning on the ESV adds more noise.

If anything, there should be less interior resonance.

I can understand the original poster's concern. :)

01-16-07, 01:13 AM
I think the ESV is loud too. Even from the outside. I pulled up next to one in my 2003 ESV and that thing was so loud I could hear it on the inside of mine with the windows up and the music playing softly. I have dynamat on the inside of my doors too. So I can only imagine how loud it is on the inside.

01-16-07, 01:21 AM
Yeah, I had an 06 and it wasn't nearly as loud and the HP gains on the 07 certainly aren't enough to justify the added sound.

Don't get me wrong, nobody loves the rumble of a GM small block as much as me, but I don't want to hear it to that extent when I'm inside "floatin' like a caddy." :)

01-16-07, 01:53 AM
Well at least it has a manly sound. It could sound like one of those imports. I agree 403hp isn't that much more then the 345 of the older generation. Dynamat sucks because once you take the truck apart it never goes back together the same. The clips get loser and it just causes more rattles.

01-16-07, 06:55 AM
You could take the 6.2 engine out and put in a 5.3 engine, that would cut down on the engine noise, but lets be real, it one of the most powerful engines that GM has ever put in a car or truck, it got more power and torque than a standard Corvette, it has to make some noise to reach those numbers. Dynamat will make a difference, I installed it in my 02' Z06, but it was a rally pain in the ass, and I would not do it again, it took a lot of time to get everything back together correctly. You may want to try it in the rear section first, and see if it makes a difference, or change the exhaust to Corsa Touring. I have only driven one ESV and it was no different than my standard Escalade in terms of noise.

01-16-07, 08:25 AM
To each his own. One of the factors that sold me was the stock exhaust. GM could have put a tiny restictive exhaust on these trucks robbing hp and torque for the sake of quiet. Suprised to hear so many exhaust complaints that may have not been noticed on the test drive. My biggest pet peeve is the obsessive wind noise that's still present in a $70k truck after 2 visits to service.

01-16-07, 08:49 AM
where is your wind noise the worst, drivers or passenger side? I was drving out west thru 50-60 mph winds and besides feeling it there was not much noise coming from my window area.

01-16-07, 11:27 AM
I'm always in the drivers seat 95% of the time.
My selling dealer had a good point yesterday - on cold days I may get more noise since the rubber molding is hard and may not be as flexible. On warmer days it's not as noticeable. My gf or passengers have not complained about wind noise.

One night at about 40 mph + with the radio off I could hear the whistling noises.

TO be honest my daily driver is in for service this week so I'm getting more usage in the esv this week. 1st attempt they installed some spacers. Second attempt last week they removed the drivers mirror and filled a cavity with silicone. Sometimes it's better other times a little noisey. No more visits to service - the dealer that does service is closer to me then my selling dealer. They have also worked on 2 other units before mine - they put 60 miles on it trying to resolve the issue with road tests. Hopefully the daily driver repairs will be completed this week and the esv goes back in storage till spring.

If the issue is still present in April/May then I'll ask for new moldings. TO be honest it's difficult to determine where the whistle noise comes from. I only notice this when the weather is cold. While on vacation Xmas watching the rear dvd I did not hear any wind noise. I'll try and test the passenger side this week since the temps will be cold for a few days.

01-16-07, 11:33 AM
When was your truck built? My first one was built in April, and that makes more noise than my one built in Dec, although it was very cold in Montana when I was just there, so that may account for the added wind noise, but as I said it was really blowing hard the last time there :(

01-16-07, 01:32 PM
Built 10/2006