: possibility of turbocharging a 94

03-13-04, 08:07 AM
the biggest thing i'm worried about, since i have the fabrication end covered, is fuel flow. has anyone cracked the computer of these things to the point that you can go in with a laptop and screw with the fuel curve? i'd be really afraid of starving it to the point of "bang"... i've got someone with a solid base of turbo/computer knowledge (how does a 1600 horse turbo f-150 sound? on the STREET!) and who is willing to fabricate everything necessary but i'm now on to thinking about the fuel problem.
any ideas?

03-13-04, 12:46 PM
Dont know anything about fuel, but is there a site hwere that 1600 BHP Ford is posted? Would love to see that....

03-14-04, 10:08 AM
not yet. the owner of the shop is working on his website (rather, has a developer working on it.) at last count, running 1-3 lbs of boost with the OLD turbo, the motor was making around 700. the numbers out of that setup put it at around 1200 at full boost. the turbo has since been upgraded to a MONSTER, and the block is built for 1600, so... it's R Rated Performance out of Bayville, NJ. I'm helping with a car show here in jersey on 6/27 and it will be there for sure. check out www.jerseyshowdown.com (http://www.jerseyshowdown.com)

someone else on here had mentioned an engine management system the rodders use... if they can come up with a whole new setup, why can't someone crack the standard computer. haven't gotten a real answer about that.