: Volant Has 05/06 Sts V-8 For Cai Tests

01-15-07, 05:03 PM
For those who would like more performance from their V-8 STS, Good news, VOLANT Has obtained a STS V-8 for prototyping their Cold Air Intake for the 05/06 STS V-8. I just talked to Joe, of VOLANT, who stated that the CAI was installed on the STS 2-3 days ago and the fit was good and there were no problems and their tests were very satisfactory in regards to performance however they were waiting for the owner of the STS to pick the vehicle up and drive it for a day or two and report to VOLANT if they were satisfied with the CAI's performance.
The CAI for the 05/06 STS V-8 will available for sale in probably 1-2 weeks.
(VOLANT now has the CAI for the 05/06 STS 3.6L V-6 for sale)
I have been researching CAI"s for over a year, and it is my opinion that the VOLANT COLD AIR INTAKE is the best in looks and performance over all other CAI"s on the market.

01-15-07, 08:10 PM
Well I am not sure how many vehicles VOLANT may have tested in total but I took mine into them today and now have it back with their new CAI system fully installed. They did mention they have been waiting to get their hands on an STS and have a bunch of folks waiting for their pending release which is tentatively scheduled as Robert mentioned above.

Install went well and they are pleased with the fit and performance as it stands now. Since they already have the SRX 4.6 system out this isn't much of a change other than the piping I believe so it should work out well.

100 miles to get it home and all went well on the initial run. It will take a few days to really get a good feel but since I do 130-150 miles daily on it as is it won't be long.

The initial good news is that I really like the new sound. This does for the front what CORSA did for the back.

Before I had the low resonance and growl from the pipes but a higher frequency rev from the front which although not bad; did not really match with the exhaust.

Now you get a lower intonation and slightly vibrato throatiness from the front to go along with the exhaust. It is well tuned and almost seems matched to the exhaust to the point that the exhaust sounds lower and you get more of a "full" effect from the entire car. It sounds very, very good...

Just like the exhaust the lower end drops out at idle and cruise and there is no "droan" to worry about. Over the full drive I had 45 minutes of stop/slow and go and then wide open road to test various throttle hits from standing stop to acceleration at speed both hard on and progressive.

As for the look; with the engine covers on there is little to see and the untrained eye would probably miss the logo's on what little is visible. With the side panel off you get the trademark VOLANT look with the full logo'd filter box and sharp "tough" appearance. I'll have to think awhile before I consider modifying the cover on that side to display the box or not. It would break the symmetry but definitely showcase the install.

So far, happy happy happy.

I already track mileage thus fuel economy so will have a read on that as well as I do my once every day and half fills.

I'll leave it to VOLANT to publish their stats but I do have a pre-dyno on this already and will do a post in the future for comparison.

Many, many thanks to VOLANT (Tony, Joe, Daniel et al) for adding another mod for us and to Robert for keeping us informed!


Edit: Added Cameraphone pics of basics.

01-15-07, 09:16 PM
I went to to the VOLANT website and I did not see an intake for the STS V6 is it the same as the intake for the CTS 3.6L?

01-15-07, 09:36 PM
Not necessarily...

They may use the same filter media but often the boxes and ducts are different in order to accommodate the different engine compartments while scoop placements vary by grill and side panel access.

I asked VOLANT today about their website and they admitted they are behind in keeping it updated. Since they do not sell CAI's direct it is better to call them for the part number(s) and/or go through a distributor you may already use.

I have no personal knowledge on whether the 3.6 is out or not so defer to the previous poster(s).

Here's their number:

(909) 476-7225

01-17-07, 04:19 PM
Thanks CAJONKEV for the photos of VOLANT'S Cold Air Intake installed in your STS.
I looks good and I know that your STS will perform better and get better gas milage. I have waited a long time for this. I talked to Tony and Joe at VOLANT and I will be looking forward to receiving my CAI, keep me posted of performance/gas milage. thanks again for the photos. That was a good looking and neat CAI installation, bet it sounds great too.

01-17-07, 04:34 PM
Antddaddy, In reference to a VOLANT cold air intake for the 05/05 STS with the 3.6L V-6 engine, go to vogue-tyre.com, they list a Volant for the V-6 3.6L engine. Also check with hyperformanceauto.com, phone#1-800-706-3882, ask for Tim. also 4wheelonline.com, phone#1-800-811-0335. Last week I also talked to Daniel with VOLANT and he stated that they made a CAI for the 3.6L 05/06 STS, I remembered that I was amazed at the time that they had made one for the V-6 and not the V-8.

01-19-07, 04:27 PM
Cajonkev, I was just wondering if you have reported back to VOLANT yet, reference performance results of the Cold Air Intake installed on your STS. Your first on site report sounded like you were very pleased with the VOLANT CAI. I know you are enjoying your ride, you lucky rascal you.

01-19-07, 05:41 PM
Yes, I have let them know and will be keeping them informed. I want to give it a good week or two of heavy driving before reporting the mileage and such but i am still very happy in all regards!

02-03-07, 08:40 PM
looks like a tough bend to work with there from the intake manifold to the airbox location... what's under that black cover above the grille? Is there any way to rig up a system that can catch air from under there?

02-04-07, 03:34 AM
There isn't any room to place a linear draw system I'm afraid.

This system pulls air from two locations that feed directly into the air box. The main one draws straight from the grill and the scoop has a partition to keep engine air from being drawn around and into the airbox.

The second draws from the side of the box but is also pulling cold air due to the partition and serves more as a secondary intake and provides balance I believe.

The ram scoop is on the far right of the grill as standing facing the vehicle and directly in front of the airbox.

It is a straight shot into the element so is well placed and anything more to center is impeded by the radiator, engine fans (both sides of radiator) and in some cases (including this) the transceiver for the ACC.

The air is fed through a solid insulated silicone tube that is oversized versus the original OEM one and has contours to keep the airflow as smooth as possible at the turn.

For an OEM replacement I think they have optimized it pretty well in what is already a very tight compartment.

02-12-07, 09:19 AM
CajonKev.. so do you have the volant system for the v8 or v6 model?/ and when do you anticipate they have them available and how much.. thanks..

02-12-07, 08:56 PM

I posted a reply this morning but now it seems to have jumped ship!

In any case...

I have the 1SG which is a V-8 package.

The V-6 is already released according to other posters. As for this new one. Volant said several weeks ago they were a week or two out from release so it should be soon if not already. I would recommend giving them a call direct as they are hard to reach via e-mail and I haven't heard back from my latest msg to them last week as yet. I listed their number above in a previous post.

I have no real idea what they are going to list at but I do know I have seen similar Volant kits listed as MSRP around $500.00 but going for retail between 3-350. YMMV of course.

Good Luck.

02-13-07, 07:37 AM
Cajonkev, since you do have a working relationship with them, is it possible for us to get a group purchase directly with them when its ready? That way we wouldn't have to waste our time finding the right distributor.

'05 STS

02-13-07, 08:19 AM
For those who want to purchase/order a VOLANTCold Air Intake for their V-8 STS, simply go to Volant's site, volantperformance.com , VOLANT has a list of their distributors that sell their Cold Air Intakes with necessary information to contact the distributors and place an order. VOLANT does not sell their products directly to the public.
THE CORRECT PART # FOR THE COLD AIR INTAKE FOR THE 05/06,07 V-8 STS IS VOL#15946150. (some of ther distributors listed for VOLANT have the wrong part # listed for the STS V-8's.)

02-13-07, 11:23 AM
Cajonkev, since you do have a working relationship with them, is it possible for us to get a group purchase directly with them when its ready? That way we wouldn't have to waste our time finding the right distributor.

'05 STS

Sorry zzzasy, as Robert posted Volant does not sell direct but someone can certainly try and work a deal with one of the distributors.

Glad to hear from Robert that they have it listed now as well.


02-14-07, 08:20 AM
I was advised yesterday, by VOLANT that the correct part # for the STS CAI is #115846150, I was given a part # a week ago from Joe of VOLANT that the part # was 15946150, a different number. I highly reccomend that when ordering your CAI, just ask for it by name, giving them your Year, Model, and engine size of your STS. Sorry for the incorrect part # but I was only relaying the info that I received from VOLANT. I'm just glad that the release date for the CAI is finally here.

03-20-07, 11:09 AM
Well after 5k with the new intake I can say that there is a minimal increase in fuel economy at best (YMMV). I am showing at most a 1mpg increase in economy with optimum conditions and about .5 with city driving.

WOT runs takes the consistency out so it is no worse in economy but no better either when driven aggressively.

Of course I didn't get it for fuel economy...:spin:

Our beloved Carlsbad drag strip has succumbed to development so I don't have a tape on it but in doing some standing start runs with an outside timer it appears I have shaved .13 (avg) off 1/4 mile runs.

No dyno as yet to get better numbers but I understand Lund Caddy has/will run one on their dyno.

Still love the sound and first oiling comes in another 5k.