: Would the DTM be good for Cadillac

01-15-07, 01:25 PM
Today I was watching the Mercedes and the Audis battling it out on the speed channel. I could not help notice how much their chassis design was similar to that of the CTS-V race cars. This fact got me thinking that if Cadillac competed against its German competitors in their own race just like Toyota is doing at NASCAR that Cadillac could gain some reputation and credibility point in Europe.
If the CTS-V race car is similar enough to the competition than it would not cost Cadillac much to be competitive. If the CTS-V did need any major changes Cadillac could always what until the next CTS-V race car is being designed and add them to it.
I do not know why no BMWs were in the DTM but I am sure if Cadillac was their and very competitive that they would come back to protect their home turf. This idea is only good if the DTM has a high enough profile in Europe to benefit Cadillacís image.
Another reason I think this is a good idea is because the race is run on the Nerburgring were Cadillac and GM developed their performance models, what better way to advertise than to win races versus the big German competition on their historic track.


01-15-07, 02:35 PM
Those are purpose racers with tube frames and aluminium skins. I'll bet only bits and pieces, if anything, are from the stock cars. Whereas about 70% of CTS-VR is made from stock components. It would take a considerable investment to make a V competative with what they're fielding in this series. GM was supporting an Opel team but bowed out because of cost. Alfa Romeo and BMW opted out of this German-centric series in favor of the broader consumer appeal of European Touring series. Read it all here:


What I'd like to see is an American International Touring car series open to sedans (no two seaters, no AWD) with minimum modifications. Something equivalent SCCA Touring 2 with inlet restrictors, HP-to-weight equalization, etc., to level the field. Then we'd see who makes the best grocery getter.