: Whats the correct way to remove Trans ???

03-13-04, 02:47 AM
Hy guys ,

Doing a 94 SLS Trans , blew the trans seal . What is the correct way to do this job . Did a 89 eldo a month ago , just held the motor up with a cherry picker , removed the cradle and then removed trans from engine and lowered , it went pretty well , didn't have to disconnect as much but after looking at this 94 a little , I can see a much more difficult time . So rather than waste time , whats the best way . Should i lower cradle with engine and trans together , or can i swing leaving the engine in ??? When the cradle is out , everthing is much easier to unbolt . Any notes that would save me time .

Thanks and Great board BTW

03-13-04, 10:40 AM
I've done a 94 and a 97...The 97 was easier because of the layout and wiring harness. Little things can make a difference! (We pulled to do head gaskets)
We dropped both out the bottom. I think the book says to drop the cradle and pull the trans out the side but it is based on having a lift and a cradle tool to support the cradle. I don't have the manual at home.
Are you in a shop or doing it yourself at home?

03-13-04, 10:58 AM
Hello ,

I am doin it at work , but we do not have a lift . I was planning to drop it to the floor and then raise the body up higher if I went that route . The front exhuast pipe looks confusing at first glance , the way it snakes up throught the trans is wierd . Any help would be appreciated .

03-14-04, 12:20 AM
I wrote this up after we did the first one (94). It might help you.