: Class 2 serial bus

01-15-07, 06:18 AM
So, I have been searching and what not and haven't found what I am looking for so I decided to post this:

Does anyone know how to access the Class 2 serial bus and have either the DIC or radio display information? What I mean is if I have a CarPuter and I have the thing hooked to the car's communication bus, I want to beable to send track listings or generic messages to the car to display on my dash somewhere like in a BMW or the like....

Also, with the integration to the car I would like to beable to access the communication bus to control things like windows up and down and almost anything that I can do my self have some program or interface do with certain actions (have a basic stamp or something reading the bus and when the RKE unlock button is pressed 3 times then held for 2 seconds, roll all windows down, etc...)...

Any clues on how I would go about doing this, please let me know...

01-15-07, 08:10 AM
i dont...

01-15-07, 02:42 PM
There are a number of CAN diagnostic tools on the market. Google for them.

01-16-07, 01:41 AM
I am wanting the ability to make the display read something I tell it to read.. There was a guy on here that has sucessfully done it but I can't find the post..... MP3Car.com has a few writeups on the class 2 serial bus that you can get the ability to roll down windows and what not because of all of the modules....

I guess with this system, anything that has a module can be controlled, as long as you know what the commands are to do it...

01-16-07, 05:18 AM
What you want to know is the communication protocols.
You'd have to talk to a GM engineer to get that information most likely, I doubt you'll run accross anyone on here who has that knowledge or ability.
Not to say it's impossible, at any rate.... good luck.