: timesert vs. helicoil

03-12-04, 08:16 PM
Are these one in the same?if no ,what are the differences?

03-12-04, 09:06 PM
www.timesert.com It's a one piece insert. Much stronger than a helicoil.
You may be able to get a used kit for N*. How far have you gotten?

03-12-04, 09:08 PM
Oops.. I realized you had yours done.

03-17-04, 10:46 PM
Are these one in the same?if no ,what are the differences?

Absolutely NOT. Helicoils are a spiral thread insert that looks like a long spring....each thread is individual so that as the replacement treads are loaded by the bolt, if one of the individual threads is overloaded it will start to fail and then overload the adjacent threads. Helicoils are good repair threads for certain applications and even work in aluminum on non-critical fasteners but they are simply not strong enough and do not have the load bearing capability in aluminum to use for head bolts and main bolts that are highly loaded.

Timeserts are one piece inserts that are threaded on the OD and ID so that each of the replacement threads on the ID spreads the load out over the length of the insert. That way if one ID thread is loaded more than the others it simply distributes the load to the other OD threads thru the length of the insert and does not pull out. Much much stronger especially in aluminum with highly loaded critical fasteners like head and main bolts.

The timesert inserts for the Northstar head bolt holes are application specific inserts that are much longer than the standard timesert repair inserts to make the repair even stronger. A standard length timesert insert will sometimes pull out with the load of a head bolt. The specific Northstar inserts were developed with Time and tested and validated before the engine was ever put into production so that field service would have a validated way of repairing head bolt holes if a problem occurred.

There is simply no substitute for the Timeserts for the Northstar headbolt hole repair.