: Why do they call 90-92 Broughams European??

01-13-07, 11:36 PM
I am always hearing people say "Oh, you've got a European Cadillac," or "that's got a Euro-kit," or "those headlamps are European." Why do they call them that. I checked eBay for Cadillacs in Europe and they look the same as here, 80s are two-piece, and 90s are one. What's up with that? Are there pre-90s Broughams with single-piece headlamps?

01-14-07, 12:47 AM
Maybe they mean those one piece headlights look more european than the dual sealed beam headlights they had from 77-89, but the Brougham is far from "european" in any sense.

01-14-07, 08:23 AM
I wish I had an answer for you. Yeah I hate it when I see things like that on ebay. Tailights are the same way, they call the 90-92 tailights Euro as well, "because they've got the white in the middle." I think people just aren't smart enough to figure things out.

01-14-07, 08:41 PM
For many years, North American headlight design was regulated as to size and shape, hence we had big single round lamps and small round lamps as well as small rectangular lamps. The Europeans were not limited to this and large irregular shaped lamps were common long before we got them. Notably, Mercedes and BMW to name two, had to restyle headlamps to comply for cars imported to the US and Canada. You may recall seeing large lamped models in Europe or on television over there. I would think thats where the european reference started when Cadillac went to a large single rectangular lamp.

01-15-07, 02:04 AM
Many people on Ebay are morons. Ever notice how nearly everything on there is VeRy RArE!

US headlight regs were pretty silly and still are. Dual round headlights were only legal starting in '57-'58 and square sealed beams didn't come about untill the '70's. Current regs are still pretty stupid and allow for far too much glare.
If you can find REAL Euro lights - as in, headlights that came off a Cadillac originally sold in Europe, they should be a big improvement on your stock lights (gotta be from a country where they drive on the right though)

01-15-07, 11:14 AM
What is the watts on the most common bulbs in Usa on modern lights.
On the sealed beam was it about 45 watts, right?

On my -77 Malibu had it been sealed beam lights. 2 rectangular on each side. To get that car through inspection, when imported, the headlights had to be changed to H4 halogen lights.
55watts, both highbeam and low beam in the same light, that meant that instead of max 4*45=180 watts trough the light switch, it now was, at high beam 6*55 =330 watts.
Previous owner had not used any relay to spare the light switch.

When i bought the car the light went out if i used the highbeams to long, i modifyied it with adding some relays, so it worked as it schould.

Thats a good thing with my caddy that nothing had to be changed when imported because it was imported as a "moving object".
That meas that the owner that imported the car had to been living in Usa atleast 6 months and then move back to Sweden and bring his car with him, then you dont have to change anything.
So on my caddy it's the all red rearlights, sealed beam headlights, and the miles speedo still there. and yes i agree the head lights is not good.


01-15-07, 02:38 PM
Some guy in Sweden made a very nice offer on my Phaeton, I'm glad I turned him down, I forgot about all the stuff they to do the cars over there!

01-15-07, 04:28 PM

Well, it isn't that much one have to do.
The hardest part to fix is the amber or clear part of the rearlights, and the speedo, but since they use km/h in Canada is it not that hard to find, atleast for more modern cars.
Sometimes the headlights need to be changed.
And all markerlights on the cars side must be amber, some of this things also depend of the year of the car.

Earlier could it be very hard to get a car approved in Sweden, with a loot of paper work and no help from the cars agency.
That have changed theese later years and espically Cadillac europe have been to a big help with providing the right papers, some changes in the laws here, have helped a lot to.

Espically cars between -76 to -88 was very hard to get trought inspection, mostly depending on exhaust regulation.

About the amber directions lights, i have seen some hiddious exampel of bad taste when it comes to fabricate those, on the other hand is it many that just add a set of amber lights when it is time for the yearly inspection.
Then take them off as soon as possible, and just drive with the American type, and i don't know anyone who have been stopped just because that.


01-20-07, 10:25 PM
The styleing is sopose to be more, "european" i read this somehwhere in a book on the 90- 92s, maby a owners manula or something.

When i list my tail lights and headlights on ebay i list them as "euro" or the needed parts to make a "euro coupe" To make it look liek the european 90-92. I aslo see no "euro"ness to them. though i do favor the white in the tail lights and big headlights, and side & bumper trim vs the 80's