: 96 eldo ,problems abound

03-12-04, 06:26 PM
hello ,i have a 96 eldo ,white diamond .interior below average.
i recently had the headgaskets repaired.car sat a long while 3 months before (during)repairs.car stalled on me ,average once a week since repairs.started up after waiting 3 minutes for security system every time, except last ,my mechanic says its the fuel pump.
1. will a fuel pump selectively operate ,then just quit?
2. is this a difficult job for a weekend mechanic(me).?
3.getting back to interior?is there a way to clean headliner w/out making it sag or wrinkle?
4.my transmission in very cold weather 20 deg. f or lower would not engage right away .is this a common problem ?is it on its way out?
any and all help will be greatly appreciated.
thanx in advance d.s.

p.s. mileage is 165,000 miles.
i had a 88 seville before this 4.5l w /230.000 miles ran fine when sold .
will this northstar make it to 200,000?

03-12-04, 09:14 PM
1) Maybe but the relay is more likely to act this way.

2) Relay should be easy. I havn't done it so someone else has to give you info.The pump isn't that hard if you're willing to pull the tank. It isn't that hard.

3)Don't know

4) It would probably be a good idea to change the trans fluid. The seals may be hard. New fluid isn't a miracle fix but it may help.
I havn't noticed trans fluid thickening with age but that is a possibility.