: CTS Stereo Suggestions

01-13-07, 11:43 AM
Alright, im ready to get rid of the crappy non-bose stock system in the next couple of months, from reading ive come to the conclusion i need the jl audio cleansweep in order to retain the stock head unit. after that im lost...anyone have suggestions on what are good systems to buy?
i think i shoudl go component in the front?
i am going to get a sub....i love heavy bass, so what would be the best bang for the buck? i mainly listen to classic rock and rap.

Greg McCool
01-13-07, 03:44 PM
Check out the Rockford pice called the 360 its WAY better than the clean sweep. As for components I like a NON-Metal tweeter, not so harsh.

Lord Cadillac
01-13-07, 03:50 PM
I have the stock Bose setup in my 05 Escalade ESV and all I needed was an amp and a box to have what I feel is the perfect system..

Blitz Audio BZA3000D digital amplifier (around $300.00 the most) and two Pioneer 12 inch subwoofers (the FLAT kind - if you see them, you'll see what I mean) and a VERY small enclosure... The enclosure costs about $50.00 and the two Pioneer speakers can be had for about $250.00 for the pair.. They're made for small enclosure..

With this, you'll have enough bass to vibrate your face and good mids and highs in the front with your stock Bose...

Now if you don't mind, I'm moving this into the stereo area - where it'll get more attention...