: fuelrail covers

01-12-07, 11:05 AM
wondering if any one has any info on how to get the after market fuel rail covers ? seen black and red ones on here can't remember on who's car but the red ones said cadillac on them with chrome letters and had the V emblem and i think the black ones i saw are on ,i believe his name is RAD69 on here the ls-7 supercharged V the one that was on sale on e-bay ,read supercharged on the covers .
Thanks for any info........Steve

01-12-07, 11:59 AM

01-12-07, 01:26 PM
Here's another example. Took this back at an October meet, but can't remember whose V this was. Maybe he'll recognize them and jump in tell us if he bought them or made them. Looked good with the platinum exterior.

01-12-07, 01:36 PM

I got a set, never installed due to put on SC, black, paid $65.00 for V emblems, paid another $25.00 for 5.7L add-on, and have two rolls of tape. PM me and make an offer, thanks.

01-13-07, 03:47 PM
Did you sell the fuel rail covers?

I can't PM because I don't have enough posts. Please contact me if you still have them.