: Dealership is letting me take a v over the weekend.

01-12-07, 10:20 AM
I test drovea 06'v yesterday. It was kind of spurr of the moment. I drove up and the salesman came over. I Explained what i was looking for and he brought one over. He threw me the keys and siad, i gotta go, take it out for a while and bring it back when you are done.

Let me tell you, I resisted every temptation to open it up and drive like i stole it:D I did get on it a little bit, becasue i never drove one before, and i must say. It was the most fantastic handling car i have ever ridden in before. The brakes, steering, where all top notch.

Its a 2006, with only 5000 miles on it. They are asking 41,xxx for it. Being only 23 thatts kind of alot, but im trading my 04 CTS in too. Looks like i might only be able to get 13-14, But im working a deal where i can take the car over the weekend. Only becasue i want to make sure this is waht i want. When im driving, what do i look for in this car? How can i tell if its beeen a hard 5000 miles?


The Tony Show
01-12-07, 12:42 PM
Look at the tires: If they look brand new, then someone burned the stock runflats up pretty quick. Make sure if they've been replaced that they're runflats- if not, be sure that someone added a jack and spare in the trunk. V's do not come with either from the factory.

I'd also look at the bolts on the strut tower brace to see if they've been wrenched on. This will let you know if someone's been tinkering with the intake manifold or other engine components.

With 5000 miles, it's either a dealer demo or a car that was bought at auction. Send me the VIN and I'll find out where it came from and what's been done.

It's got plenty of warranty left, so don't worry about much other than damage or abuse (things not covered). Warranty will take care of the rest.

01-12-07, 01:55 PM
Yeah, try to convince yourself you don't want it after you have it for the weekend. :histeric:

01-12-07, 08:41 PM
Price seems a bit high. I bought my 05 a month ago with full Corsa and 4,000 miles for $34,500. Ther's an 05 on Ebay with 5k for $35K.......

Like heavymetals said, good luck convincing yourself you don't want it.:bigroll:

01-12-07, 08:46 PM
I echo Tony O's and heavy's sentiments.
Here's a thread that had some other items to look for: