: Ride with 26inch wheels/tires

AZ Escalade
01-11-07, 10:51 AM
I have done a search for those who have 26inch wheels/tires. I have an idea what to expect, but I am wondering what people think of there ride quality with 26's. I have an 2005 Escalade with the stock 17s on now and I know that there will be a big difference between the 2. I am looking for 22s or maybe 24s, but I have a chance to get 26inch Asanti AF131 with Kumho's at a really great price. It is one of those deals that you really can't turn down if you are looking for wheels. They are new out of the box with all warranties - they were originally purchased by a National Wheel/Tire chain and the original person who ordered them backed out. I appreciate your inputs. Thanks.

01-11-07, 10:58 AM
Being you live in Zona you will have no problems with large wheels and tires because your roads are in good shape in general, you may want to upgrade your brakes depending on your driving habits