: New supporting member chiming in...

01-10-07, 05:11 PM
Just posted this over in the lounge, but figured I'd post again to hit all of you here....

Hey Gang,

Given that I just became a supporting member and this is my 50th post (man, finally get to send PMs), I figured this is good a time as any to intro.

My Story: Got married in Cabo San Lucas Nov. 2006, but made sure I purchased my 400hp dream car before the big day. My married friends forewarned that big "unnecessary" purchases are heavily looked down upon once married . So after getting engaged, I went full force into CTS-V research. This forum helped tons. Ended up buying one sight-unseen on Ebay. Yeah, I rode the thin line between faith and stupidity...but the price was well worth it . 2004 CTS-V with 8k, brand new tires (yes, I knew why) and the guy didn't even know it had Corsa exhausts (he was 2nd owner of car, pregnant wife told him no after purchase) . There is "one" born every minute, and I found my "one". Rest is history.

Car History: Grew up in a corvette family, so now I finally got my Vette (but in a 4-door flavor). Cars to note, loved em all.... '86 Oldsmobile 442, '89 Taurus SHO, '01 Acura CL Type S. The V is the replacement and conglomerate of all my previous cars in one... my happy place.

I'd post pics, but you know what a black on black 04 CTS-V looks like.

Other than that, happy to be here. Looking forward to being a part of the community.


01-10-07, 05:13 PM
POINTS for supporting membership.

:postcount: from reading this in the lounge :)

The Tony Show
01-10-07, 05:42 PM
Ditto on the points. People need to show some love for all the great help they get here by helping Sal pay for this thing.

01-10-07, 05:45 PM
Usually it is a motorcycle one should get before marriage.:halo:

01-10-07, 05:51 PM
True...already had a motorcycle though. I do better on 4 than 2 ;)