: Groaning noise when applying/releasing brakes

01-10-07, 05:03 PM
Anyone else have a problem with a groaning noise coming from the front of the car when applying or releasing the brakes? It does not happen all the time, but can be forced if stopping harder then normal and then releasing the brakes before the car comes to a full stop. It sounds like a suspension problem to me, but back in September the dealer put on new bushings that did not help, then replaced the pads and turned the rotors. This helped until about Dec when it started again. The dealer is trying to tell me that this may be normal (bulls**t) but I need some evidence or a bulletin regarding this problem. I am not going to let them tell me it's normal on a 50K car with 3700 miles! :want:

01-11-07, 07:43 PM
My car did the same form day one!

01-13-07, 01:16 PM
i get teh same thing.i was also told to not put rim cleaner or tire cleaners on my wheels because that could be causing the noise.the told me the same stuff they told you.they even replaced one of my brake pads after acouple of checks.which helped for a moment.initially said their was a glaze forming on the pads.i still get some sound.

01-15-07, 09:00 AM
The car is with the dealer this morning (it pays to work next door). The tech found some bulletin about the noise which requires a software update. I don't understand that logic, but I will report back.

01-15-07, 07:41 PM
that sounds like a serious brake issue. dont take no for an answer something should be done about it. are they using ceramic pads?

01-16-07, 08:47 AM
Well, the dealer decided to replace the pads again. Definitely not taking "no" for an answer. I have had two replacement pad sets in 3800 miles. Not a very good record especially when they turn the rotors at the same time. At this rate I will have no "meat" left long before the lease expires. I'll heed the warning about the rim cleaner and see if that helps.