: Knock Modules and applications

01-10-07, 01:36 AM
93-95 Z28/TA use 16177700
93-96 Fleetwood 5.7L and LT1 use 16188309
91-96 Caprice 5.7L and LT1 use 16188309 (yes, even the L05 looks to have a removeable KM)
96 LT4 Vettes use 16214681 (we all knew that one...)
96-97 Pontiac OBD2 F-body use 16214661
96 Chevy OBD2 F-Body use 16214661
95 Corvette OBD1 Y-body 16177690
93-96 Fleetwood/Fleetwood Brougham use 16214671
91-96 Caprice use 16214671
96 Corvette use 1624671
91-96 Caprice 4.3L V8 L99 use 16188709
91-96 Caprice 4.3L V8 L99 use 16214691 (may be revised 16188709)
96-00 Vortec 350's (aka 5700, L31) use 16208981
96-00 Vortec 454 (aka 7400, L29) use 16208991

Yes, I am aware of some "conflicts" in P/N's, I am wondering if there is some superceeded p/n's and they aren't listed as being superceeded until you actually go to the checkout.

(compiled from GMPartsDirect.com and "sbs" on ImpalaSSForum, and my own personal PCM's)

BUT, what I noticed is my engine has always been somewhat sensitive to pinging in the 70-90 kPa MAP and 1200-2200 rpm range. I mean touchy. Now, it isn't at all. Nothing like before. NOTE:t Jesse Bubb, chief tuner at Wait4MePerformance.com is very concerned about anyone running other than what GM specifies for a KM in their application. Jesse is VERY knowledgeable about PCM tuning, and I feel his opinion is seriously worth noting. I have sat down with him personally and have learned a lot.

Also, interesting enough, the Roadmaster and L99 cars all also do use a different KM. So if anyone has a PN for a RM and L99, please send it too. I will do a where used on it and see if there are other applications. I think it is interesting it shows the L05's using the same as the LT1. So the mass of the engine must be similar. But yet the Vortec L31 is different than the LT1. Maybe the plastic intake?

07-23-07, 08:10 AM
Northstar Knock modules.:confused:
I have 6, but only 5 with me.
Year----------First #------------Second # below
1996 PCM -- Module #16196410---1585300
1997 PCM -- Module #16196410---1587112 This ran to 125 mph but bucked after 110
199? PCM -- Module #16196410---1587195. I have ran this past 135 mph
1999 PCM -- Module #16196410---1588106 I could not go over 100mph
1998 PCM -- Module #16196410---1588058 I ran this to 125 mph.
The car may have been low on gas some runs.

07-23-07, 12:39 PM
Did the 300 hp vs 275hp N* use different ones?

07-23-07, 01:25 PM
The Last one I have is a 16196410---1587149. This is the one from the first PCM in the Fiero. I think this was a 130 mph +
I will list some mare codes from the PCM's