: Question: How Many People With Bigger Rims Have Their Check Tire Pressure Light On?

01-09-07, 10:34 PM
Hey Just Wondering How Many People Out There Have Their Tire Pressure Light On? I Mean The Actual Light, Not The Words Check Tire Pressure........see I Have Been Rolling On 26 Inches For Almost 1 Year And Today I See That The Light Came On.....

See I Don't Even Have The Sensors In Those 26 Inch Wheels....so Why All Of A Sudden Does It Show Up Now?

Please Help And Let Me Know That I Am Not The Only One....

I Own A 2004 Escalade Ext On 26 Inch Rims......thanks.

01-10-07, 07:31 AM
Most people that do not put their pressure sensors back in get the warning each time they start their truck. Don't know why you just got it now

01-12-07, 03:54 PM
so anyone else out there with the light on? let me know..thanks.

Blu Chip
01-12-07, 04:23 PM
i have an 07....my light came on everytime i started the truck??? not sure why it just came on for you... and you have an 04 it might be different than mine

01-12-07, 07:14 PM
See My Escalade Ext Is In The Shop Now...cadillac Told Me It Would Cost 400.00 To Turn Off The Light....they Would Have To Purchase A New Box Or Something....so I Told Forget About It....but They Said The Light Should Come On For Everyone That Does Not Use The Sensors In Their Tires.

It Is Just Annoying, That The Damn Light Is On....i Didn't Mind The Check Tire Pressure Words...but The Damn Yellow Light Pisses Me Off.

01-14-07, 08:43 AM
I don't have the sensors in my rims. I never got the message or the light. I have had the rims for 3 years. The company who put the rims on disabled the setting for tire pressure. I don't know how he did it but he did.

01-14-07, 11:17 AM
I got 24's and i put my sensors in. Why didnt you just put yours in? they work fine and i have never had a problem with the light ever coming on. The dealer ship will tell you it wont work but it does. got pics of your 26's

01-15-07, 09:42 AM
Now that I think of it. I had both 24s and 26s on my current Lade and never got a light.

01-15-07, 11:20 AM
damn that sucks for me...i am just lazy to bring in the old rims with sensors so they can switch the sensors to my new rims.

also i upgraded my breaks and rotors so the stock rims wouldn't fit anyways. but i am just damn lazy to do it now.

01-16-07, 12:11 PM
Anybody know how to get rid of that light completely?