: If you can get a filter from the dealer

03-11-04, 11:15 PM
Personally I always use filters from the dealership parts department on all cars... As far as Fram goes, I used to use them for years until I had one bad experience.. used to own a 87 Mecedes 300E ... The filter sits upright (Rubber seal pointed downwards).. When I did my first oil change I purchsed a Fram (cheapest one) I figured a filter is a filter, when I pulled out he old one which happned to be a Mercedes one I noticed that center hole had a spring and a plate to stop the oil from draining out, the Fram did not have this, but I thought, Fram has been around for years and they know what they are doing.. So, drained oil installed Fram filter, refilled oil and started her up, engine made some noise for a second, figured it was a lack of oil while wthe new filter filled up.... Next day, started her up, damn engine sounded like it was grinding metal for about 6-8 seconds.. Turns out that unless the filter has that 'stop plate' the oil drains down and you start the engine with a gap in your oiling system every time... I say Fram can go to hell for that, they should know better than to sell such crap, especially on something as important as an oil filter.. I checked out other brands and they all had the plate, just went with the Mercedes one because it was only a few bucks more... Also, most of the Fram filters I used in the past usually have some small metal shaving left over on/in the thread that I would remove before installation, others filters never have this, they can go to hell for that too..

Theres my two cents.....