: PCM abbreviation?

01-08-07, 01:10 PM
Not wanting to bust anyone's chops...

But for the LT1 cars (and latter LSX engines AFAIK) PCM stands for "Powertrain Control Module". Not familiar with the term "Pulse Code Modulation" that is heading up the topic here. TBI L03/L05 cars use an ECM (Engine Control Module) since is doesn't have an electronically controlled tranny.

Just semantics, I guess.

Anywho, I'm looking forward to good tuning discussion since it's an area I don't have a lot of personal experience in. I have only purchased tunes from vendor for my cars; I don't know the nuts and bolts of it yet.

01-08-07, 01:19 PM
Yup, I was puzzled on that one myself!

haha i never knew what PCM stood for


Engine Control Module (engine only)
Vehicle Control Module (PCM & BCM Combined)
Body Control Module (body stuff)
Powertrain Control Module (engine&trans)

Lord Cadillac
01-08-07, 01:52 PM
Yeah, I didn't know what it stood for, so - instead of asking, I just put up what I thought and waited for this topic to come about.. So the title has been updated..

Now.. Is the rest okay? Or should I add ECM or anything else? To the title and/or subtitle?

Thank you!

01-09-07, 01:21 PM
:thumbsup: :highfive:

06-19-09, 11:35 PM
I have and 200 Cadalac I replaced the transmition on it, after geting everything put back together I started it up and let it run and warm up. I turned it off and checked for leaks and found none, when I went to start it again it would not start. So I went back to all the wires that I connect together and played around with them and tried to start it again and it did, I turned it off and tried to start it and nothing it would not start. so I went back to playing around with the wires again and it started. My problem is that I am not sure what wires I'm tuching that will make it run again. any sugestions will help