: Bluetooth Volume

01-08-07, 09:04 AM
Can anyone help me with how I turn up the volume on my bluetooth connection? When connected the voice is very low on the other end. I can't find how you adjust the volume in my manuals anywhere.

Thanks for the help....

Kris 2005 STS

01-08-07, 12:19 PM
Kris, I think that's a common problem. I have the same issue. All you can do is turn up the volume to maximum on your cell phone. That seems to help a little. I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has a workaround.

01-08-07, 01:31 PM
The radio volume knob also controls the bluetooth volume. When you are connected on a bluetooth call--use your radio volume knob to turn up or down the volume of the bluetooth call.

01-08-07, 01:36 PM
Thank you very much I'll give that a try....

01-08-07, 02:38 PM
Flyboy, I think the radio volume buttons just control the incoming volume, not the volume received on the other side of the call. When turn up the volume, it doesn't seem to have much of an effect on the other end.

01-08-07, 06:13 PM
Also your callers may hear an echo on their side of the call if the volume is turned to high on the radio knob...