View Full Version : She's a Leaker - a Diff leaker that is!!

01-08-07, 12:33 AM
I'm new to the board. I picked up a used 2005 Sleath Gray V with 8K miles in Montgomeryville, PA. Car is mint and even included a magnaflow cat back exhaust system! Probably the best car I've ever owned. Extremely fast, fun and comfortable. However, I noticed spot of oil at the rear of the car :annoyed: . I've read a bunch of threads about this inherent problem so should I request a 06 diff rather than the dealership trying to rebuild mine? Also I've got a very slight whine between 70-90mph. Looks like the the diff is leaking only on the right side?! Making the appointment tomorrow at King O'Rouke Caddilac in Smithtown, NY. Anyone have any experience with them or any other dealership on Long Island?

01-08-07, 07:28 PM
I would ask them to replace it. The 06' replacement is more durable.