: Needed - 1977 Rear Bumper

01-07-07, 10:05 PM
I am looking for a rust free center section of the rear bumper for a 1977 Cadillac DeVille or Fleetwood. Don't need the ends, just the center section of the bumper itself. The 1977 has the reflectors between the rubber strips and the 1978/79 doesn't. Would be nice if the reflectors and rubber strips were also good. I am in CT on the MA / RI line, so local would be even better. Thanks Junk..

01-08-07, 02:37 PM
Arg that blue '79 SDV I bought for the drivetrain has a spectacular rear bumper, however, it must've got hit, because the bumper filler underneath the plate/gas filler has been replaced and not painted, and the middle section of the bumper has been replaced with an '89 one with incorrect strip. Might've been too far to ship anyway.

That red '77 I found that time has the correct bumper, and I could get that car for free. But I think the bumper might be too far gone. Check my photobucket for pics:


picture on page seven. sorry i can't be more help.

Good luck

ps at least that photobucket pic can serve as a reference to what you're looking for. haha