: Festivals of Speed: March 23&24, St. Petersburg, FL

Luxury & Exotics
01-05-07, 09:27 AM
I wanted to let you all know that the Festivals of Speed will be in St. Petersburg on March 23-24.

The exciting news is that Modified Luxury & Exotics magazine will have a "Modified Luxury & Exotics Class" award. It's not much, but it's bragging rights for some.
And if your modified car wins, its basically a given that pics of it wil show up in Modified Luuxury & Exotics magazine!

There are also many clases for stock cars!

Last year MLE covered the event and there were some truly amazing cars on hand... MC12s, McLaren F1s, FXX, and even a Porsche GT1!

You can register your car at http://www.festivalsofspeed.com

Hope to see lots of Caddys there!

Luxury & Exotics
02-07-07, 11:48 AM
bump! It's looking like a great show!