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01-04-07, 11:24 PM
Just a word of caution to anyone in the DC area. Coming home from work I was pulled over by US Park Police on Independance Ave (during rush hour!) for having a plastic cover on my plates. I was informed that they are illegal in MD, VA and DC and for covered plates it's $50 and obstructed it's $500. I got off with a warning for obstructed plates, no fine thank God! Don't know what makes mine obstructed. Just a word to the wise, tho this is the first I ever heard of this. Must have been a slow afternoon for bad guys!

01-05-07, 08:40 AM
This has been law in NY for many years now as well. I got a ticket back in 1990 for the same thing. I had one of those neon plate covers on my Merkur XR4Ti.

What's funny is that every auto accessory place I visit in NY still sells them today.

01-05-07, 12:38 PM
California has the same restriction - no covering up the plates.
'tis not that unusual a law but many are not aware.

01-05-07, 01:40 PM
Illegal here in Texas as well, even the dealership frames that Caddilac puts on their cars are a no no.