: 95 FWB Wheel fit question

01-04-07, 03:13 PM
Happy New Year!

Does anyone know if the "blade style" wheels from a 2000-2005 DTS will fit on a 95 FWB? I was considering doing the Impala SS wheels, but this seemed more unique. I have not found offset info for the DTS wheels but I am concerned about the fender skirts on the FWB.



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01-04-07, 03:40 PM
No. Front wheel drive cars use different wheels then rear wheel drive cars do and the bolt pattern is probably different too.

01-04-07, 03:42 PM
You need a 5X5 (5X127) bolt pattern for the Fleetwood. The DTS uses the 5X115 bolt pattern, so they will not work.

I believe the widest anyone has fit under the rear fenderskirts is a 10 inch wheel.. but you have to play with the offset to get that to tuck nicely. Even with anything bigger than 8 inches wide, you have to trim the rear fenderskirts.

01-04-07, 06:49 PM
I thought that might be the case.

Thanks for the responses.

I will prob. go with the Impala ss wheels and the deville centercap.


01-04-07, 10:25 PM
Finding Rims Is The Hardest Thing Ever, Mannn O Mann


01-04-07, 11:51 PM
I know...finding the right look that is subtle and not ghetto can be tricky. Thats why my 77 DeVille is still on its factory wheels and hubcaps. I just havent found the right thing...

I'm open to ideas but limited by budget :)