: Peeling trim on buttons?

03-10-04, 09:08 PM
It seems the previous owner maybe had long nails or something of the sort because there are about 4 buttons (the rest of them are all fine) that have some part of them worn through to where you can see the actual clear button itself (the black outer trim has worn through on one of the climate control buttons, two of the steering wheel control buttons and the memory seating 2 button) I'm wondering if I have to replace the entire trim piece as I figure I will, or is there any way to touch up these buttons or buy new ones? I know this is doubtful and especially with GM entire new pieces must be bought, but I figured I would ask! Thanks in advance. :coolgleam

03-11-04, 08:37 AM
Yeah those are eye sores especially if you have neutal tan interior. Forget about touching it up with touch up paint. It just doesn't work and also the harsh chemicals in the paint makes it worse by eating away the surrounding area. You can buy those buttons at Gmpartsdirect.com or cadillac-parts-dealer.com. Lasts time I checked with shipping it comes to about $35+ each. I believe you can just buy it at the dealer for that price. I had my replace thru my warranty. I told them my controls didn't work all the time. I heard they are fairly easy to repalce.
When you get new ones just keep your hands clean and keep the buttons free of dirt and especially oil (motor oil if you do your own oil changes). I'm pretty sure that's what wore mine out.