: Need help with valve core, valve stem lingo

01-04-07, 12:31 PM
Hey guys, I need your help understanding the problem with my '04 Escalade.

When I took my truck to Coscto yesterday to have the tires replaced, the head technician notified me that the valve stems for two out of four tires were damaged. He showed me the torque tool he was using (5 pounds I think), and the tool would not turn because the teeth on the valve stem were broken. He indicated they do replace valve stem, however, because my valve stems are connected to a $150 TPSM, only the dealership could make the replacement.

When I took my truck into the dealership this morning, they confirmed that two valve stems were in fact broken due to either someone using the wrong tool, or corrosion. The price to fix the two was $124 each (CDN) + 1 hour labour. The cost is high because the caddy's come with the valve stem and TPSM fused together.

It's not that I have a problem with the price but I want to ensure I am not getting ripped off. Here are my questions, sorry if they are amature:

1) Can I buy the stems separately to attach to the '04 'Lade TPSM, or do they only sell them as one piece? From what I know there is nothing wrong with the costly TPSM;
2) Does this problem have to do with the valve core itself, or is it infact the valve stem?
3) What are my options in terms of reducing costs with this fix?
4) Should the dealership fix this under warranty? My dealership indicated if its due to corrosion it would not be covered, however, from what I've read the valve stems are made of nickel and do not corrode. If someone has broken them from a prior servicing, it should be fixed under warranty.

Thanks for all your help in advance, Noel.

01-08-07, 09:17 AM
They just changed the valve stems from aluminum to brass, my first two 07' Escalade's were the old type, my newest 07' replacement Escalade has the brass valve stems, you can tell because the outsides are now rubber and look like non pressure sensor valve stems, they did this because the aluminum ones were getting stuck and breaking in the valve.