: Covert Cadillac - Austin, TX

01-03-07, 11:47 PM
I live in Austin and just bought an 03 CTS, 5-speed, from a Mazda dealership. I took the car into Covert for 50k service and a number of warranty service issues.

My observations:

My car was in the shop 3x in December for over 2 weeks.
A couple service items were done incompletely but they were addressed on the following visits.
Though most items were covered under warranty, my car interior was scratched by a technician. The Service advisor insisted it was like that when I brought the car in, but when I escalated to the Customer Service Mgr, the trim pieces were replaced.
The 1st service advisor was a cranky guy who told me things like: "You must not have read the owner's manual" and "you probably did something wrong." I asked him to get me a body shop quote to buff out my car's paint, and 1 month later, after reminding him, he told me that the dealership wasn't interested in quoting.
On my 3rd visit, I asked for a different service advisor and got much better treatment.
The Customer Service Mgr and the Service/Parts mgr jumped on my complaints very quickly when I summarized the 1st two visits to them.
Covert gave me no charge Caddy loaners - I've driven 07 CTS, Escalade and DTS.
The woman in charge of loaners was also very friendly and helpful.

Though Covert is the only Caddy dealer in town, I think the helpfulness and responsiveness of the managers was a sign that they realize their competition are other luxury makes. My friends tell me glowing stories about the local Lexus and Infiniti dealer service so it was encouraging to have the Covert managers move so quickly to address my issues.

BTW, at the suggestion of other forum members, I asked the parts dept to price match, but they said they couldn't touch any of the online pricing I had found at gmpartsdirect or gmotors.

09-29-09, 06:54 PM
A very well written post. I actually work at Covert in the parts dept. and the only reason I have replied to such an old message is because of the price matching reference. I don't slam my competition, but I feel the need to clarify something about the discount websites. Consumers need to make sure that the cost of freight incurred for shipping doesn't exceed the price of the part that you can get from your local dealership. A discount part plus freight plus residential charges can some times be the same as GM retail price.

A good buying tip for people who shop online is to try and have anything you buy shipped to your place of employment. Residential surcharges can be hefty and it is in your interest to make sure you get a fair deal on freight.

Big Boy
12-03-12, 10:00 PM
The only reason I'm replying to such an old message is because the 3-4 items that I have priced at the parts department at Covert are way over the total price of online GM parts delivered to my front door. I know they need to make a profit but with the price they're asking they should give you a jar of vaseline along with the parts. Other than part prices, service is pretty good and the ladies at the front desk are first class.