: Silver plastic engine cover

01-03-07, 09:57 PM
Is it easy to remove the silver plastic engine cover? I have no real reason to remove it, just looking at it today and it seems like it should be easy to remove, but then again, I don't want to break anything needlessly either.

01-03-07, 10:03 PM
It just pops off. 4 pins (I think I remember) going into rubber mounts. you have to remove the oil fill cap 1st, though.

01-04-07, 08:13 AM
One reason to remove the cover is to replace it with the Carbon Fiber one available as an accessory from GM.

01-04-07, 09:11 AM
also have to remove the 4 bolts for the support first then the power steering cap and oil fill cap then just lifts off the grommets.