: 81 SDV at the U Pull it - what to take??

01-03-07, 05:44 PM
Guys, I am in FL right now at my mother's winter place. I discovered a great junkyard really close to her house, and I have spent the last two mornings there getting stuff for a few of my cars. I discovered today that they have an 81 SDV 8-6-4. I have had my 81 FWB coupe for only a couple of months, and I haven't learned everything about it yet. Anything that I should grab off the car while I am there again tomorrow? The complete engine is there. The prices are DIRT cheap. I got a PCM for my 95 Impala SS for 17 bucks.


01-03-07, 07:06 PM
The solenoids for the valves are always in need by people who fix up the V-8-6-4 cars. Also I'd take the unique valve covers for it! Then put 'em on eBay.

01-04-07, 09:44 AM
$17 for a computer? Dang, that's a rip! www.pullandsave.com :) Going to miss that yard when I move...

I *think* the climate controll is uinque to '81, but don't quote me.

Sentinel and guidematic aren't that hard to pull and are very easy to swap into other cars, but don't count on the guidematic 'eye' being good. I've had about 50/50 luck with them at the junkyard.

Load leveling is also another system that's easy to pull and desireable (again, if it's good)

Never heard of the solenoids failing, but they are needed for people wanting to add the V8-6-4 feature to their car. Grab the valve covers, wiring to the solenoids and the spacer under the aircleaner (needed for the snorkel to clear the valve covers) in addition to ALL the rocker arms.

The Ape Man
01-04-07, 07:33 PM
Grab the ECM from behind the glovebox. While you are there it might be a good idea to get the air door servo box. It's a black box with a white linkage on top that bolts to the HVAC box with 7mm screws. The little gears inside screw up and the climate control becomes stupid.
The air management valve is listed on several used Cadillac parts sites for lots of money. Dunno why. This is the underhood plumbing nightmare that sends A.I.R. pump air where it's supposed to go.

01-07-07, 02:18 AM
I *think* the climate controll is uinque to '81, but don't quote me.

Well I am quoting you but you're right. 1981 was the first year for the digital climate control. However, the ouside temperature reading was still on the driver mirror. Hence the lack of an outside temperature reading button on the '81 cars. The button was then added for 1982 on.