: The Granatelli MAF Sensor...

01-02-07, 07:10 PM
Just curious to know if the Granatelli MAF sensor works as advertised. Anyone have a dyno run done after installing one? They claim 8-25hp as indicated in there dyno chart i posted below. Seems they have two cts-v versions... A #350119 2004-06 CTS-V LS6 - Black, and a #350119-C 2004-06 CTS-V LS6 - Black w/Cold Air Tuning


01-02-07, 07:53 PM
Had bad luck with the Granatelli & Jet. Both made my car run too lean. In the end, I ended up using the stock sensor--works awesome with Maggie (431RWHP) :thumbsup:

01-02-07, 08:43 PM
garbage, save your dough...


01-02-07, 09:11 PM
Use search if you don't believe Florian. It's been discussed here many times. On a scale of 'Blech!' to 'Orgasm,' it's a 'Meh.'

01-02-07, 09:12 PM
Heh heh. Now I know why he signs as 'F' instead of as 'Florian.'