: Ultraview panel repair(yes or no?)

01-02-07, 04:24 PM
Am getting ready to take my 06 to the dealer for the little things needing attention. I've had it for one month now and it has 8K miles.

I have read the countess theads about having the roof panel repaired and the dissatisfaction (only partial opening "design change" to continued creaks etc.) after the fact.

My roof panel DOES NOT creak or pop. Makes no noise whatsoever which is a pleasure after having 2 El Dorados with persistently creaky windows. It does, however open rather slowly. Is there a potential for overworking/burning out the motor? When closing, it does the typical reversal unless I help it for about the last 12" or so, then it closes just fine by itself.

As a general forum consensus, should I leave it alone and just continue helping with the close, or see what the dealer can do? You guys are the long-term owner experts!

01-03-07, 11:46 AM
I would leave it alone. Mine doesn't do the reverse thing. I did have multiple trips to the dealer for noise, but it is quiet now.

01-03-07, 12:55 PM
My UltraView (2005 N*V8 RWD Blue Chip/ Ebony/ Towing pkg) has worked as advertised to my satisfaction with none of the issues found all over this forum.
However, after reading many UltraView negatives herein, I purchased a can of EZ-Glide RD-50 dry - clear lubricant; I sprayed my sliding mechanism and rubber seals ~ mid year 2005. Everything still operates satisfactorily!!
From the can: www.rd-50.com or 800-435-4447. Good luck.

01-03-07, 01:59 PM
Mine has never had any creaks or rattles. I did have the same auto reverse issue you do and had it fixed. I too was apprehensive b/c I did not want to trade that problem for queaks and rattles. I went for it and it was fixed and still no noise. I say go for it.