: Rubber Floor Mats

01-02-07, 09:54 AM
After months of seaching car lots and driving just about everything out there, we just purchased a new 2006 V6 SRX with the tan interior. I would like to have a set of rubber floor mats to use. It looks like Cadillac only makes them in black. Does anyone make a nice set of custom fit mats for the SRX?

01-02-07, 11:07 AM
I bought these mats and have been happy...


01-02-07, 12:48 PM
I also got weathertechs for the winter. I got the weathertech extreme duty floorliners and put my factorcy mats (an extra set) on top of the floor liners . It all fits perfectly together - absolutley no way carpeting can get damaged from snow/wet/salt. In the summer, I will take them out and put only my "summer" factory set back in. The floorliners come in black or tan (possibly grey too). The tan matches my tan interior fantastic.

I have bought many weathertech mats and products over the years. They are on the expensive side , but worth every penny.

c5 rv
01-02-07, 01:07 PM
Here are the waffle-patterned ones sold by the Cadillac parts dept. I really like them.


01-02-07, 08:03 PM
Another vote here for the Weathertech mats.

c5 rv
01-02-07, 08:35 PM
It looks like the Weathertech front floorliners for the SRX are only for AWD units. I would NOT recommend the Weathertech classic rubber mats as an alternative because the fit on my CTS was close, at best, and water leaked out onto the carpet.

01-03-07, 08:48 AM
Pretty sure you are right about AWD, at least for the weathertech floor liners I bought. The fit on them is absolutely perfect. I have no experience w/ the Weathertech Classic mats.

Again, if you have AWD, you won't be dissapointed w/ the Weathertech floor liners.

01-04-07, 09:39 AM
Yes, I noticed the Weathertechs only fit AWD. We have the RWD. Will have to keep looking. I like the GM mats, but do not want to use black with a tan interior.

01-04-07, 01:28 PM
I have the Classic Premium Rubber Mats and I didn't see anything about AWD vs. RWD for those mats. (Although, I have AWD.)

c5 rv
01-04-07, 07:51 PM
I like the GM mats, but do not want to use black with a tan interior.

Here is what my CTS look like with the cashmere interior and black Lloyd carpeted mats. I liked the look and the black mats hid wear better.

01-04-07, 08:42 PM
Plus, you've gotta love the hot MILF model Weathertech uses:lildevil: