: Replace OEM radio with aftermarket radio/nav

01-01-07, 03:16 PM
I have a 2003 Escalade EXT with original Bose system, radio with tape and CD and with 6CD-changer. I want to replace my original radio with a Pioneer touchscreen navigation system (AVIC-HD1BT). This is a double DIN system with build harddisk navigation for the European market.
Because I'm in Europe, I cannot use the original navigation units from GM.
I cannot use OnStar, so I don't need this.

Can anyone tell me, if I want to replace the radio, which PAC (or other brand) product do I need?
And goes the sound via the Bose system?
I don't want to loose any of the inside functionality.


05-13-07, 03:42 AM
with the bose system if you change the radio you have to do the wholoel systema wire speakers and whole thing. due to the bose system it was configured for bose only and a aftermarket radio wont produce the same results

05-14-07, 12:20 PM
My 04 Lade installation works great with the factory LUX Bose! Totally surprised how good it sounds. Also interfaced the rear DVD player in, which again works just great. So in the end, I think the only unit that must go is the 6 disc changer - no biggie there, will just get the Pioneer for IP Bus integration.

It sounds like you have the "Standard Bose", which would allow for wiring front and rear audio - which is a plus actually (if you want front / rear fading from new headunit). Not sure PAC model#, but I used a Peripherals GMAH24B (http://peripheralelectronics.com/periph_products/cd_changer_autos/instructions/gmah24bboseinstr.pdf) (which I think is same OEM unit as PAC). With "Standard Bose", I think you need the "chime module", GMAHCM. To be sure on all this, best just call them up (or PAC) to make sure you get right one(s).

Net-Net, both wife and myself agree that the overall sound quality is better with the aftermarket then it was with original factory unit. The spacial effects on Pioneer really sound good (i.e. theatre, sound studio, livingroom, etc..). I would think that Standard Bose would actually be an improvement over Lux Bose since 4 speaker input = more control over spacial sound, but the Lux does an ok job distributing sound "dumbly" between front and rear. Get much more action out of the sub-woofer then I did out of the factory.