: Question regarding rims

01-01-07, 12:01 PM
Hi All,

I own a 2003 Escalade and on Saturday I had a little accident. Heavy snow, and I spun out and smacked a curb...Damaging both wheels on the passenger side... I have full coverage on my policy so i'm guessing my insurance company would cover it...

My question is, would the insurance company pay me for used wheels or would they cut me a check for the dealer amount...

Or is every insurance company different...

I greatly appreciate any replies...

01-02-07, 04:06 AM
if the wheels are factory original then the insurance will include them in the damage assessment.. if they are aftermarket and have been declared to your insurance before the accident and they agreed to cover them, they will be included in the damage assessment... if they are not OEM for your Lade and you have not declared them to your insurance company and you do not have proof that they have been declared and accepted into your policy... its out-of-pocket to you friend... good luck

01-02-07, 05:14 AM
actually i think that is incorrect..

1) if the wheels are damaged to the point that they are not functional the insurance company will usually cut a check for dealers price for a new wheel... however if the wheels are just cosmetically damaged they may find a place that can repair it first before handing over a check for new oem wheels.. but if the wheels are damaged and can no longer be used it would be up to you to get a new wheel or used wheel.. usually you bring your car to a shop and have them write you an estimate for each part that needs to be repaired and then the insurance company sends someone and then they decide how much to give..

2) if you have aftermarket wheels and have them declared the insurance company will usually give what the current value is for them.. so if you paid 3000 for rims back when they first came out but at the current date they are only worth 1500 new then the insurance will only give you that...

3) if you have aftermarket wheels and did not declare them the insurance company will only give you a check for what the value of the oem wheels would have been.. so if you are rolling 26's and smash them up in an accident and never filed it with your insurance company they will only give you what the value of oem wheels are..

01-02-07, 05:58 AM
i wouldnt really call it incorrect.. just under-explained.. you just repeated what i said and added a few details.. but it all depends on your company and your policy when it burns down to it.. they might not give you anything for the whole wreck if you have undeclared rims because they might just say you defaulted your insurance by driving with unapproved hardware.. same with if your engine blows and they discover nitrous, superchargers and the like if they werent declared.. either way he needs to speak with his agent and hopefully they'll be honest and discreet so his premium doesn't get bumped up

01-02-07, 12:28 PM
my insurance agent told me to claim my damaged rim would be considered an "at fault" claim - ie collision...and would be the same as an at fault accident claim against my insurance record