: Aux Inputs in 02 Seville

12-31-06, 08:43 PM
I have an 02 Seville that I did a complete changeover from the Delco to a Bose system, i.e HU, amp, speakers, mic, etc. The system works great and has completely fuctionality, but I have been unable to get a PAC Audio AuxBox to work for an auxillary input for my XM. I went back and forth with PAC Tech support initially trying the 10 pin adapter to the Changer input in the center console. They even sent me a custom wiring harness that went inline between the HU and the radio wiring that allowed use of a 9 pin adapter to the AuxBox without having to use the changer plug. Bottom line is that the CD Changer never shows up as an option on the HU. They are stumped and I am currently stuck using the cassette adapter.

After reading some threads here, I am wondering if my problem may be that I need to have the CD Changer initiated with a Tech II for it to be an option. Is this possible? I was hoping some of the experts could comment.

Lastly, the only Bose item I am lacking for the complete Bose transformation is the dash speakers. If someone has some laying around they would like to part with or knows where I can find some, PM or email me.