: bigserts

12-31-06, 09:04 AM
Has anyone had to ever install the bigserts (oversize) to repair where the old sert didnt work proper? Would you be able to do all 20 to the bigger size? or would it be to riskey of a repair. Just put new serts in and went to torque the heads and a few of the serts came out.couldn't figure out why.Was able to retap and put new ones in,one hole is still stripped though,sert wouldnt stay in.After further inspection of everything I found that the driver I was using was worn out.It wasn't screwing the serts all the way into the holes first.The driver was running through the sert first,and not expanding it to the tapped hole.So it was not locking into place like it should.So I can't trust the ones that are in there now.Is there a way to remove the serts I put in? and can big serts be used on all 20?or is the block scrap? Just bought the car,very clean simple head gasket job and sert repair,went sideways.If block is no good I need a 98 or 99 block.Have a 2001 but the crank sensors are different.Unless someone knows how to make the old sensors work in the block.So if anyone one knows of someone who has please contact me.I dont want to spend 2 to 3 grand on a reman motor.Thanks and happy new year to everyone!!

12-31-06, 09:22 AM
go with the bigserts. you will just drill through the old serts. you cannot redrill and install the timeserts the drill hole gets loose.


12-31-06, 12:02 PM
jcseville, it doesn't sound like a small type of sert will fit again from your post. I think the big serts are you only option without a new motor. :(

12-31-06, 12:53 PM
You could test the ones that seem good by torqueing a used bolt in them. The head bolts are not TTY but have sealants and a locking coating on them. This is why they are one use. So using them to test the hold of the timeserts is valid.

Someone a ways back used a 2000 block in a 90"s Caddy. They were able to modify everything to fit. They did not give a lot of details and have not been back on the board (to my knowledge). If you can find their posts there was a little info but basically they were able to modify enough to get it to work.

Look at it the engine and sensors and see what you think. If you can do it post some details.

12-31-06, 01:02 PM
anyone know who may have a big sert kit for sale?

12-31-06, 02:33 PM
Check with Kevin (KHE) at caddyinfo.com. He just did bigserts on a car he bought with bad head gaskets because the dealer did not do them correctly.