View Full Version : Junkyard trip tomorrow!

12-31-06, 02:43 AM
ok I'm going to the pick n pull in moss landing (central coast CA) area and just a couple Q's for everyone out there.

1. radio - how hard is it to get out? i'm bringing all my tools and im just looking for a heads up

2. cruise control - doesn't work anymore. worked once right after i got it then just stopped. where are the parts etc under the hood that i need to get?

thanks guys and if anyone from the santa cruz - watsonville area needs anything let me know and i'll pick it up.

12-31-06, 04:37 PM
cant help you with cruise,when I took radio out of my 80 cdv.it was fairly simple,only special tool I needed was a nut driver to remove nut from left side in the back.I would guess it's about a 1/4'' thread.