: Can you understand this?

12-30-06, 06:44 PM
I'm trying to learn about these engines as much as I can. That said, there's still a million things I don't know about Northstars. I've been looking for a chip that will work with an OBDI Northstar. I came in contact with a company and here's what they sent me. I have no idea what it means, or if it would even work in my car. Any help/insight appreciated. Here's what they sent me.

This is the description of the memcal pack:
It is to be used in a factory 93-95 OBDI ECM. It is engine management only. There is no torque management, nothing to degrade power. It is designed to run with a manual tranny and there are no shift functions whatsoever. The chip must be used with a 95 or earlier idle speed motor (ISM) throttle body. There is no Pass KeyII, all emissions work and must be utilized or it returns a check engine light. However, I blocked off my EGR valve, so it doesn't really do anything. The program uses two O2 sensors, one for each bank and is wired up as a 95 N*. The rev limiter has been reprogrammed to 6400. There is no TCC (traction control) and all diagnostic work and can be read with either a Tech 2 or the dash from a 95 or earlier car. What doesn't work is the A/C fast idle. It can be tricked by sending a PS low pressure signal in but this involves some minor work. It works in a Fiero with out any serious problems and is no harder to wire up than a 3800SC. The computer will even mount behind the seat in the standard location, but it is tight.

12-30-06, 06:46 PM
Unless you have a manual - no.

It's specifically made to run a OBDI northstar engine only - and nothing else.

12-30-06, 06:57 PM
That's what I thought. I wasn't sure if I was misunderstanding something.

12-30-06, 09:00 PM
Oh that's weird. A chip for the engine only. Must be for project cars using the Northstar then right?

12-31-06, 04:02 PM
That would make sense. The name of the company is "Custom Innovations."
They had a rebuilt Northstar on eBay, so I figured I'd at least give it a shot to see if they made anything I might be able to use.

12-31-06, 08:12 PM
Better yet as long as your running a 99 and earlier Northstar all oyu need is a simple lap topand a Megasquirt. It'll work with the stock DID and run great but no electronic shifting yet.
you can buy the Megasquirt from like DIY or Glens garage or build it yourself and if the computer has a problem a local electronics tech can fix it if you cant.
for the most part its a great set up to run engine only and since the MS2 has can module it should be able to be networked into another box to run electronic trannys too.
Just a thought.

01-02-07, 03:13 PM
I've been looking for a chip that will work with an OBDI Northstar.

Westers has a dual mem-cal set of chips FOR 93-95 Cadillacs. 4th one down.