: 2006 SERVICE "Year in Review"

12-29-06, 12:04 PM
2005 SRX AWD V8 (Loaded)

March- Had the whole ultraview taken off and "re torqued" due to creaking and popping sounds heard from the unit, also it did not close automatically, just kept opening back up. (Warranty)

June- Took my car in for front brakes (19k miles). Left it for a day (no loaners at my dealer (or any GM dealer for that fact). Told me they needed to order Pads, would take a week. Took my car in again. Told me I needed all four rotors, said they would overnight them, when they took the brakes off, told me my front right caliper was frozen. Whole job took 2 weeks.

July- Car develops "flat spot" on pedal during acceleration, basically underpowered. Took car in with engine light, told me there was 8 codes in the computer, cleared them, told me to bring it back with less codes.

September- Navigation system/ CD Player/ Sirius gets stolen before I bring it in for engine problem. Bring the whole car in for insurance/service. Insurance check (progressive) is cut to them for the repair almost immediatley (sept. 11th it happened). Had to reharness the entire car, had to manufacture a wiring harness, sent it to the wrong dealership, then found out it was the wrong harness, basically the three stooges are working at the dealer. RECIEVED completed car on November 16th! Still no engine problem fix! They drove car for 2 weeks, with no engine problem occuring (thanx for putting miles on my lease that i was still paying for)

December- Brought car to them with "phantom engine problem" occuring, gave me data recorder to plug into car with problem occuring. They forgot to hook up rearseat entertainment to front unit. Will REBILL insurance company to have this work done, even though they forgot to plug it in on original job.

Late December- Engine problem (noone can figure out) still occuring. ULTRAVIEW sunroof now CREAKING again. Oh, and for everyones comfort, the car has INTERMITTENLY developed that hard clunky mostly downshift some upshift problem that other people were having.

Can anyone trump me? Especially in the bumbiling service department/ no loaner car department?

My roomate just got a 2006 acura TL, that dealership has 20 (TWENTY!) loaner cars. What is acura doing that cadillac cannot? Besides be in the front running for my business?

thanx for listening

12-29-06, 12:12 PM
Ummm for warranty work, Cadillac dealers to provide loaner cars thru Enterprise. Atleast that's been my experience.

12-29-06, 12:23 PM
Changed the oil in February and September. That's it!
2004SRX V-8 all wheel drive. So far; so good! 15000 miles.

c5 rv
12-29-06, 12:40 PM
May: Took delivery of 2006 RWD V6

May: Service for 2 delivery problems: pen marks on interior and missing shark fin for OnStar. Discussed initial oil change @ 1000 miles and service advised to wait until OLM indicated change.

Dec: Added 1/2 quart of Mobil 1 - oil at bottom hole on dipstick and 35% OLM. (about 8K miles).

It's been a pretty good 2006 for this car. At about 25% OLM, I'll take it into the dealer for oil change, excessive RR brake dust, and disappearing radio display.

12-29-06, 12:56 PM
Bought June, 2006:

August: Ultraview not "auto-closing" (fixed right the first time and still ZERO creaks/rattles) - Cadillac Loaner car provided

December: LOF - Cadillac loaner car provided

12-29-06, 02:41 PM
Jan 21, 2005: Took delivery 2005 SRX N*V8 RWD, tow pkg; Blue Chip/ Ebony;
Std Radio System w/ Bose & CD changer; no NAV, no 3rd seat;
July 28, 2005: Mob 1 Oil Chg, 4 wheel alignment ckd & done (loaner auto)
Aug 5, 2005: Trip random reset, CD changer runs, replaced radio unit (loaner)
Mar 3, 2006: Mob 1 Oil Chg (loaner)
May 8, 2006: Check for 06029 suspension recall (all OK), declined 06516 reflash (waiter)
Aug 16, 2006: Mob 1 Oil Chg (waiter)
Next likely service will be Mob 1 Oil Chg & all fluids checked.

We love the SRX; no UltraView problems (opens completely to shrk fin, no creaking); great engine (acceptable MPG ~ 12-14 city, ~ 19-21 LA-Las Vegas); trans flawless, (check for trouble codes regularly w/ ScanGuage); tires wearing OK (personally check ~ monthly: Fnt ~ 8-8-8-8; Rr ~ 7-7-7-7); brakes still have lots of material @ 14 k mi (but do get some dust).

No Lex/ Acura/ Inf/ BMW/ MB seen in my future!!

ps: a neighbor had so much trouble w/ his 7 series 04 BMW that he went to MB; now back again to 7 series ?? BMW; seems some lemons in all brands!!
Wish all a Happy 2007 !!