: SRX car cover / what's the best one?

12-26-06, 09:44 AM
I live in a very hoy and sunny climate and knowing that on GM cars the wippers tend to fade rather quickly, I'd like to purchase a car cover for my SRX. Any recommendations?

Thank you.

12-26-06, 09:59 PM
Although I don't use a cover for my SRX (finally got a house with a garage :thumbsup: ), I used covers for my vechicle for many years prior. Here are my experiences:

1. Buy a custom fitted cover. A "universal fit" or "ready fit" cover may be cheaper and can be bought off-the-shelf, but the first stiff wind that comes up will blow it right off the car.

2. Avoid the "Evolution" type fabrics for outdoor use. This fabric is made by Kimberly-Clark who is known for their paper products. After a couple of years in the hot sun, the fabric will start disintegrating like, well, a paper towel! They are also very bulky and putting one on a vehicle like the SRX would be difficult.

3. If you don't see a lot of rain, a poly-cotton cover will be your best "starter" cover. They are cheap, they are soft enough not to scratch your paint, they are lightweight and they breathe well if they should get wet (very important). If it gets dirty, then you can wash it in a regular laundromat and if it gets trashed, you can replace it for not a whole lot of money.

4. Do NOT use under any circumstances a solid plastic cover or tarp. Those do not breathe at all and I have heard of cases where the plastic could melt to the vechicle in the hot sun.

5. There are other "miracle" fabrics out there with various claims for water/sun repellancy and breatheability. The good ones get pretty expensive. The bad ones are no better (and sometimes worse) than your basic poly-cotton.

12-29-06, 12:09 PM
Best car cover = none

All destroy finishes. Unless the car is completely clean underneath, the car cover is made of microfiber cloth, and it has never been dirty.

Try a sunshade for the interior, the exterior will be fine. Wipers are 20 bucks a set, just replace if you feel it is necessary.