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12-25-06, 04:27 AM
Hi I just had my dealership teflon coat the interior and extior of my ext...now i have seen how well it works at protecting and kepping my mothers car clean...but does anyone know what they use, how they do it, the process, and how long it last for??

12-25-06, 11:10 PM
I'm usually not a proponent of those dealer-applied substances, but I had Xzilon (I don't believe that's teflon though) applied and love it. I've had it applied on other vehicles in the past and it lasted a full two years (could have lasted longer, I don't know as I trade rather quickly :))

They make interior stuff too - I use their mink oil religiously on the leather and have never had any cracking, peeling, or anything. The carpet protection works well too... my daughter spilled grape juice all over the backseat of my previous car and it just stood in a puddle on top (versus in) the carpet.. wiped right up.

The process involves claying the car, applying a liquid substance of some sort with a foam-type applicator. It's guaranteed for 5 years.

If that's what the dealer used, I'd say it's well worth it. Yes, some say you can get "similar" products for 1/8th the cost, some say it will only last six months, some say the fine print says you must have it reapplied (it doesn't, I've read the contract and contacted the company) and many don't like dealers touching their cars... but if you're happy with it, that's all that matters. I thought it was worth it.

For what it's worth, the dealer told me if it loses its luster or smoothness, they will reapply for free as part of the guarantee.

Superior Detailing
12-26-06, 11:09 AM
...Sorry to be the one to tell you but everything LLT said is true. I used to work at a dealership and all they do is give you some crappy paint sealant which is bought in bulk, and spray your interior down with fabric protectant; something you could have done yourself for $19.99 or less. I have heard of people getting their money back from these scams though, so if you want you can try and see if you can recoop some of the money, or make them reapply it every 5 months or so.

As for the teflon, its really just a marketing buzz term used to lure people into getting the protection. Real teflon coatings need to be baked on at something like 500+ degrees so its really useless.

12-26-06, 11:17 AM
I agree with Superior Detailing....having owned approx 50 cars over the years and also having many of my family in the car business plus as an ex-employee of Ford, I can tell you that most of this is just hype. The sealant thing is one of the biggest profit makers for the dealership and does not last the 5 years they say it will...on the other side if you're happy with it , that's what matters because it's your car not ours.....however, I would also suggest that you approach the dealer and try to get him to drop his price....get some bids from in-town reputable detailers and present these to the dealer......nuf said

BTW, when I was at Ford I remember seeing a confidential list which showed the highest profit margins when selling a car or truck and they are in decending order:

1. Financing
2. Extended Warranty
3. Upgraded Stereo
4. Paint Sealant

12-27-06, 01:19 PM
Sorry guys. Yes some paint sealants are bogus. There is actually a teflon sealant. No you don't bake the coating on to your car, Teflon(TM) is an additive, it's added to metals for cookware, oils for lube and sealants for automotive finishes as well as many other uses. I used to be a manufacturer working with Dupont(TM) for my chemicals. The sealant, if properly done is a 9 step process. If the dealer does a one or 2 step it is effective but not fully. The chemicals for automotive application are very expensive, difficult to work with and work very effectively if properly done. It also will not last for numerous years, that is hype, depending on your climate conditions it could last for 3 to 6 months, or a year if garaged, who knows. Every condition is different. You will have top follow up with a good wax for a high shine and again it depends on how often you care for your vehicle, driving conditions etc...for a deep gloss I wax every month to a month and a half.