: Oil, Gasoline, N*'s, and long trips

12-24-06, 06:22 PM
:sneaky: Happy Holidays. There are a skrillion threads concerning the title, and I had promised a post on a 2002 STS trip to Florida from Maryland, so here's the first half rolled into one thread. One-way, 821 miles total. 87 octane pump gas from the nearest, cheapest Interstate station when necessary. Pennzoil Platinum 5W-30. Average MPG 25.3 at average speed of 61.3. (Includes all zigs and stops for motels, dinner, etc., Avg MPG has not been reset since 11/26/05) Instant average dances from 0 to 70, depending on conditions, but likes 26-27 at 65-70, level road, about 2400 RPM. Driving time just over 13 hours, with 5 hours of moderate to heavy rain. Highway speed limits from 60 to 70 on Rt. 95, plus 150 miles of 55 and small-town stop and go. Temperatures around 50-60 deg.F. One quick run up to 115 mph for grins and kicks (H-car). 2 Adults and a trunkload of clothes and Christmas stuff (Bourbon). Oil at exactly 1/2 way up the hashmarks at beginning. Used 1/16" of oil first half of trip, won't top up until after we return home on 12/28. Goodyear Eagles, no shimmy.......Glad to share info, but stuck on dial-up.

12-25-06, 10:09 AM
Good post, and Merry Christmas.:xgrin: :xsmile: :xlol:

12-25-06, 02:33 PM
I just finished a drive from GA to NY then on to CT in my ETC, total 1080 miles, avg speed 73 MPH (yeah I was going fast). Avg MPG 24.5, would have been more as my foot beats my cruise control but I drove 500 miles to Richmond, VA with it set at about 80MPH and was getting around 23.2 MPG, then the last half of the trip with the cruise off and all footwork and watched it steadily rise. I use Mobil 1 synthetic 10W-30. I also have a larger 80+mm throttlebody and spacer installed. Also, was running 93 octane the whole way.

12-25-06, 02:54 PM
Thanks, and Merry and Happy............Forgot.......CORSA system installed 11/11/06. Very quiet and no occupant complaints. I firmly believe the mod is good for +0.3 to +0.5 mpg, BUT, at that rate it will take 7.3 gazillion years to offset the cost ($975 online).

Tommy Deville
12-27-06, 12:59 AM
I recently did a 450 mile trip from Staten Island NY to Albany NY, I checked all fluids before I started when I returned theyw ere all still full, no oil burn which surprised me, I go though about 1 to 2 quarts evey 1,200 to 1,500 miles. I averaged about 21.3 MPG going up hills and keeping average speeds of 88 MPH with spurts of 100 to 120 MPH..
It was nice. I really dont care about Gas Mileage, I just wanna get there ASAP.
97 Deville Concours 108k

12-27-06, 02:30 PM
I had the Eldo up to Canada in late August. When I left NJ the avg mpg said 13.9 mpg. When I reached Toronto the average said 18.1 mpg. Is was 18.3 after one week of Canada driving and the trip home. I was hoping it would have been higher. But it was a good trip, no oil loss, no coolant loss, good speeds (75-95 mph) 98% of the time.

12-28-06, 12:02 PM
:alchi: OK, here's the rest of the Florida run. 817 mi. each way, 1634 total, including 2 short trips in town: restaurants. Gas used, 68.3 gal. for 23.92 mpg. avg. (using miles/gal to get avg). (Right now, DIC avg. mpg says 24.1, and has not been reset since late Nov. 2005) Highway speeds were high 60's to middle 70's, mostly, with a few crawling backups in Georgia (Brunswick, be careful...) And a few observations....If this car does 75 mph+, <23mpg.; 70-75, 23.6mpg; 65-70, 24.5mpg; 60-65, 25.5mpg; 55-60, 27.6mpg. I betcha if you drove at 55 on a flat west Texas road, you'd milk 29+ out of it, but would have the screaming meemies due to slowness! I changed the oil (Pennzoil Platinum 5W-30) at 35,400 and this morning, at 38,133, I added 12 oz. to bring it back up to the middle of the hashmarks, original level in October. No problems. Nada, zilch. All in all, not too shabby. Trip back north was clear and 50 deg.F........read the first post for conditions southbound. Happy New Year to everyone.

12-28-06, 08:52 PM
^^ Glad it was a good trip. 23.92 mpg is great!

12-28-06, 09:16 PM
dp102288, you went to canada and didn't get the performance modd for us:tisk: :thepan: . What were you thinking( just kidding).:rolleyes: .

12-29-06, 08:57 AM
^^ I thought about that! But I was in Toronto...I think the shop was more centeral to western Canada right? Plus we took my Eldo...1995 + ESC + OBDI! Not sure if I was the best canidate!


12-29-06, 09:54 AM
I left Van Nuys in my new/old Eldo on 12/21 and did not try to conserve or waste fuel driving 2200mi back to Minneapolis. The average for the 95' Eldo "Y" motor was 21.9 in when I returned home. The time factor was more important and monitored only one tank of fuel 24.5 using a hand calculator & criuse was set at 78mph 80% of the time and did maybe 10 W.O.T. bursts to near 100mph. On flatland the dash monitor was mostly 29mpg, Any tipping into the peddle and the monitor drops down to the teens. I was off the interstate from Blythe CA. to Needles CA. 100mi maybe & Tucumcari N.MX. to Wichtita KS. aprox 300 mi slowing for towns. I usually tip in the gas to scoot by a truck or slower car. I do pull off into towns for coffee ect.& motel and usually drive around a bit. The oil level was monitered & did'nt move at all.

12-29-06, 08:46 PM
^^ Damn another 95 base Eldo with good mpg. I really gotta check if something is wrong with mine.