: Crank sensor replacement

12-24-06, 01:45 PM
I need to replace my crank sensor on my '00 Deville. I realize this is a common issue and has been discussed before on this board, but reading through the threads, I could not get my questions answered.
Where can I get one?
Can I install it myself?
Does anyone have step by step instructions?

12-24-06, 04:25 PM
Get them here. http://www.gmotors.com

Depending on you skill level they are a DIY job. They're mounted above the oil filter adapter which needs to be removed to get to them. Not sure if there are any instruction in the Tech Tips section or not, but a search should turn something up, though it sounds pretty straight forward.

12-25-06, 06:48 PM
Here is how it went on my Seville (Deville the same?). Drive car up onto ramps (a lift will work even better). Remove the splash shield. Unbolt the oil filter adapter (2 10mm bolts. My Seville also didn't have oil cooler lines to contend with). Disconnect the oil pressure switch wiring from the sensor, and set the filter adapter aside. Disconnect the wiring from the lower crank sensor (there is a red clip that needs to be slid out before the connector can be taken apart. I did not replace these red clips, although it is your choice if you do or not). Using I think a 10mm socket, remove the one bolt holding the sensor into the block. This is the tricky part, as you will definitely need 1/4" drive tools and extensions. I had to go over the cradle and through some steel lines. Slide the lower sensor out, and repeat the procedure for the upper sensor. Installation is reverse procedure. Many will suggest installing new o-rings on the oil adapter. This is sound advise, especially considering the new o-rings are only a small bit of coin. I did not replace the old ones, and I haven't had an issue. FWIW. Once everything is back together, you are supposed to do a "learn procedure" with a Tech II scanner. Since only the dealers have these, I just followed the procedure minus the scanner. I pretty much just revved the engine until it hit the limiter, and let it return to idle. Everything seems okay. It is rather easy to do this as long as you are at the very least semi-mechanical. Good luck.