: Electrical Problem - Need a geek here!

Seattle CTS-V
12-24-06, 12:34 PM
I had a Magnavolt blow a fuse about a week and a half ago for some, as yet, unknown reason. I called Magnuson up and they shipped me a new one under warranty. I had a shop install it, under warranty, and this one runs constantly even when the car is off and drains my battery unless I unplug it every time I park the car for more than an hour (that was a long sentence, eh?) Anyway, they're ordering a new part which probably won't be here until after the ticker turns 2007 :(

Meanwhile, I thought I'd plug in Baby-V once in a while and cruise around listening to some thumping tunes from my JBL 500/1 and 12" MTX sub. Well, I jumped in the car yesterday and...hmmm, no base. I checked the amp and the power light was off. I checked the 100amp inline fuse up by the battery and, yep, it had blown. I figured it happened when the Magnavolt choked. I went out and bought 2 new fuses. I unhooked the battery, installed a new fuse, and hooked the battery back up. When I touched the (-) terminal I got a pretty big spark and noticed I blew the fuse again. Damnit! So I unhooked everything again and put in a new inline fuse (requires pulling off the whole wire since the fuse is actually screwed into the holder). I went to reconnect the battery and POP! Now I'm out of fuses. Anybody have any ideas whats going on? Could the Magnavolt have caused some kind of backfeed into the amp or vice-versa to cause a short somewhere?

12-24-06, 02:15 PM
Sounds like you have a bad amplifier(s) also.

12-24-06, 02:55 PM
I installed muy magnacharger myself and when I got to the part of wireing up the Magnavolt it was a little confusing. My car did the same thing as yours, it turns out that the relay that runs the intercooler pump ( a small black box just to the side of your fuse panel) was wired up backwards. This caused my intercooler pump to run even if the car was turned off. It sounds like you have the same problem that I did, just switch the wires around on the relay and you should be in business. If you want directions look at Magnachargers web site and click the install instructions link to the left. Go to the Magnavolt section and there will be a diagram. Also as for your fuses, make sure you did not melt any wires under the car were the Magnavolt or amp is wired from under the hood to the trunk. I think that the wires have to pass pretty close to the headers. If the wires melted to the header it will blow fuses every time. Good Luck

Seattle CTS-V
12-25-06, 05:51 PM
Thanks for the replies.

It's not the intercooler pump thats running, but the fuel pump. I'll check it though.

Also, I ran a test and unhooked the amp's power line. Put a new fuse in the power cord and touched it to the battery. Still blew. Sounds like the amp's power line has worn through somewhere and it's grounding out. I wonder if that surge caused the Magnavolt to blow or the other way around?

12-25-06, 05:54 PM
Well, sounds like a shorted power cable.

Either in the engine compartment or along the underneath. Could be melted or pinched.

Good luck.