View Full Version : Exhuast Mod on 2005 STS NS/4

Duke's 3rd STS
12-24-06, 09:00 AM
My 2005 STS with the Northstar V-8 stock exhaust is a little too mellow. The guy put Thrush Defenders on my 2002. Too much sound! A different guy wants to put SS409 Turbos on my 2005. Says they're throaty but not offensive. Anybody out there with SS409's ??

12-24-06, 07:18 PM
I highly recommend CORSA mufflers. Has a classy sound, not loud and offensive, just smooth and mellow.

12-28-06, 11:06 AM
I second the Corsa, sweet sounding in my opinion but yet still gives you the Cadillac cruise at highway speeds. Never heard of "SS409's" what make are they?

Duke's 3rd STS
12-29-06, 09:19 PM
Not sure.

I just don't want to hear the drone coming from the trunk at cruise speeds.

I want to the throaty duals sound off then shut up when back off the gas. Will the Corsas do that?


duke's 3rd sts

12-30-06, 01:05 AM
In short, yes...

They are very well balanced overall but they are not designed to completely "disappear". You will find that at cruise they are essentially lightly noticeable but immediately respond when you get into the throttle.

Having put 18k on my 05 STS without and now another 15k on this 06 with I wouldn't trade them for the world.

And they passed the WAF in flying colors which says a lot towards CORSA's product.

That isn't to say that Magnaflow nor other options aren't good as well. But Corsa did it right...

01-02-07, 08:24 AM
Cajonkev has it right. Plus I'll add the "lightly noticeable" sound will probably not even be heard if you have the radio on even at minimum levels. Corsa did get it right for this car. I've had other systems (on my trucks though) but some drone until you reach a certain speed then it goes away, Corsa doesn't seem to have that any spots in its system, when you let off the gas or cruise, its quiet at all speeds. It is $$ but worth it IMO. I have yet to hear Magnaflows on this car but they do get good reviews in the truck scene.